Flight Altitude Tool

This tool will help you determine the optimum drone flight height for your forestry inventory project

Determining the optimum flight height is key. The height will determine the amount of pixels per object (seedling or tree) in the resulting data set. This image resolution will help to ensure we can provide you with optimum analysis results for your forest or plantation.

Please start by selecting the type of project you are planning:

Please hover your mouse over the button to select your plant type

Flight Manuals

And here is some additional help. We have created several manuals for mission planning using DroneDeploy (for DJI Mavic Pro or Mavic 2 Pro) and Pix4D Capture (for most DJI drones). Download a manual to help you in your optimal mission planning

Drone Deploy- Mavic pro 2 Manual                                                        Drone Deploy Software

Drone Deploy- Mavic pro Manual                                                         Pix4D Capture Software

Pix4D Capture Manual